Application for a loan 1

PersonalWM Passport issued in presence of a Verification Officer.The owner of the WMID given scan (photocopy) of your passport and the document was verified with the it personal data. The owner of the WMID has not provided scan (photocopy) of your document with address. Profile of completed by the borrower to 88% confirmed to 0%.Address is not verified.PhotoID is verified. 2019 02 11No VideoID.
WMID 3289******** requests to Any WebMoney users open a trust limit to the following conditions:
Amount: 10.00 - 10000.00 WMZ
Period: 20 - 365 days
Interest: 0.2000 % for day
Frequency of return: at end of the period
Location: ЦНЯНКА (defined by ip-address)
Purpose: На личные нужды. Возвращено более 20543 wmz, без единой просрочки. WebMoney.Debt: брал в долг всего: 802 / 21346.08 WMZ, 0.00 WMR вернул всего: 712 / 18823.74 WMZ, 0.00 WMR должен: 2522.34 WMZ, 0.00 WMR WebMoney.Credit: брал в долг всего: 28 / 1720.07 WMZ вернул всего: 28 / 1720.07 WMZ должен: 0.00 WMZ
If the proposed borrowing options you want to apply, go to a trust limit
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